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The software used in the queuing systems has been entirely designed and developed by our company. We work with an experienced team of designers, programmers and software testers. Our solutions are extremely flexible, enabling the implementation of dedicated functions and integration with clients’ software.


Applications in the QMS queue system


  • P. the program in the web version, enabling the management of settings and parameterization of devices used in the queuing system (administration panel).
  • It can operate in a central version for many branches or a local version for one branch.
  • The system administrator can define authorization groups and assign access to them to individual modules.
  • It has built-in functions for managing the online booking system and the QMS.Everywhere mobile application.
  • It has an extensive reporting module containing a set of data that allows you to analyze the current situation in the branch as well as historical data.


  • Application for managing the system in a centralized version for many branches.
  • It allows you to add or remove new locations and modify the existing ones.
  • It allows you to monitor the status of databases and perform backups for individual branches.
  • Provides easy access to system logs.
  • It allows you to monitor the condition of individual system components and diagnose any possible abnormalities.
  • It allows you to manage software versions, carry out updates for many departments at the same time.


  • Software that is an alternative to paging devices, with an extensive range of available functions.
  • The ability to customize the appearance to the individual preferences of the user, with the option of switching between day / night modes.
  • It has the function of selecting the language with the possibility of changing it while the application is running.
  • It allows you to call people to service stations according to the scenario defined in the administration panel.
  • It has a redirection, out-of-order ticket recall, put away and automatic recall function.
  • It allows you to save the results of each stage of ticket service (called, redirected, completed correctly, completed incorrectly).
  • Adjusting the view to the type of device (computer, tablet, mobile phone).


  • Web-based software for displaying content on collective large-format monitors.
  • It enables the presentation of data on the currently operated tickets, the number of people waiting and additional information such as weather, news.
  • The layout of the information presented is tailored to the individual needs of customers.
  • It supports multimedia such as film, presentation, website.
  • Flexible content and settings management at the system administration panel level.
  • Voice announcements.


  • Web-based software for displaying content on the screen of the ticket machine.
  • Possibility to configure the appearance (number of buttons, additional information, QR codes) according to individual customer preferences.
  • Content management at the administration panel level in QMS.Webadmin.
  • It has the function of selecting the language with the possibility of changing it while the application is running (switch for people collecting tickets).
  • It has additional options related to adjusting the view for people with disabilities.


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