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Queuing systems offered by our company are proprietary, modern solutions that improve the customer service process. We are both a software developer and a producer of equipment such as ticket machines, displays, and paging devices. We work with proven suppliers of components and consumables. We create projects that are functionally and visually matched to the needs of our clients.


Advantages of QMS queuing systems

  • It is not very demanding in terms of hardware, as the operations that consume computer resources are performed only on the server side.
  • Possibility of integration with Active Directory.
  • Provides automatic start-up, maintaining the continuity of the queue.
  • It ensures the issuance of tickets within the set hourly schedules, in the scope of the daily pool or automatically according to the available resources (when the expected service time exceeds the system working hours).
  • The administrator can block the issue of tickets to the entire system or to each queue separately.
  • It is possible to arrange visits for the current and next days.
  • Generating audio announcements informing about inviting the client to the position. The announcement may include the ticket number, seat number, room number, floor number and others.
  • Built-in module for displaying multimedia content on LCD screens.
  • Password protection to protect data according to different levels of authorization.
  • Applications controlling the operation of the system have access to updates downloaded from the company’s website.
  • Transparent interface for making configuration changes throughout the entire scope of operation, i.e. administration of employees, positions, queues, priority settings for services, a ticket machine, screens
    and displays.

How it’s working?


  • The customer reports to the service point.
  • At the ticket machine, he chooses the topic of interest to him and prints the ticket.
  • The received printout shows the number of the station handling a given case, the number of waiting customers and, optionally, the approximate time of the call.


    • Information on tickets served in sequence is presented on collective monitors.
    • Additionally, the customer can check the progress of the queue online via the website.


      • The invitation to the stand is made by displaying the ticket number on the stand display, collective display and a voice announcement.
      • Optionally, a notification via SMS can be activated.
      • The service employee has the option of redirecting the ticket to another station.

        Components of QMS queuing systems

        Ticket machines

        • They have an attractive, modern shape.
        • Equipped with a touch screen with resolution up to FHD,
          with increased resistance to damage.
        • Having a built-in thermal printer with a paper cutter and adjustable ticket length.
        • Built-in miniature computer eliminates the need for an external server.
        • Durable, damage-resistant housing.
        • Possibility to install dedicated components, e.g. devices supporting the service of disabled people.


        • The housing is made of powder coated steel sheet in the color chosen by the customer.
        • High resolution at 16×32 pixels.
        • TCP / IP communication.
        • They have installed LED diodes with increased brightness, ensuring high quality of displayed content.
        • Adjustable brightness from the system administration panel.
        • Built-in multitext support, possibility of using up to four individually configured text sections.


            • A large-format monitor informing about the currently serviced tickets at individual stands.
            • The layout of the information presented is tailored to the individual needs of customers.
            • It supports multimedia such as film, presentation, website.
            • Flexible content management at the system administration panel level.
            • Voice announcements.

            PAGER DEVICES – PADS

            • They make it possible to call individual ticket numbers to the service desks.
            • Equipped with function buttons and a two-line LCD display.
            • Configuration of the call logic at the level of the system administration panel.
            • They work independently of the computer located on the station, almost completely replacing the software panel.
            • They have the function of redirecting to other positions, calling out of sequence, putting away, creating new tickets.
            • They have a queue counter.


            • They make it possible to call individual ticket numbers to the service desks.
            • Configuration of the call logic at the level of the administration panel of the QMS.Webadmin system.
            • They work independently of the computer located at the station or operator.
            • They have the function of redirecting to other positions, calling out of sequence, putting away, creating new tickets.
            • They have a queue counter.
            • They can be flexibly adapted to customer service places depending on the needs.
            “The QMS queuing system increases the comfort of customer service and contributes to reducing the waiting time. It relieves the customer from the need to keep an eye on the queue, and thus allows the customer to get acquainted with the offer, and to provide advertising or announcement content while waiting. “

            “The customers are well informed. The downloaded ticket shows who, when and where will be served. This is useful even if there are no queues. “

            “The employee receives notification that the customer is waiting for service. When he finishes his current work, he may invite such a person to the position. There is no problem of knocking on the door, asking and uncertainty. “

            “The management staff is able to control the workload of the facility on an ongoing basis. Archival data allows you to evaluate individual employees, interpret service and waiting times and find particularly troublesome cases. “


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