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QMS.EVERYWHERE mobile app functionality that provides your customers comfort, hygieneand safety, and it brings you environmental benefits
and economical. It is intended for those of you who already have an implemented queuing system and would like to improve the quality of services provided.


Advantages of QMS. Everywhere

  • Shortening the time of customers staying inside the facility to the necessary minimum. Thanks to the application, customers can download a ticket on a mobile device and wait for a call outside the facility.
  • Information about calling an electronic ticket to the service desk is presented both on the mobile device and on a traditional display inside the facility.
  • Possibility to download tickets to several different queues, but with a limitation of the number of downloadable tickets within one queue.
  • Friendly, easy-to-use user interface.
  • Like all our applications, also QMS.Everywhere has an API that allows to build a uniform platform for customer service within companies and offices.

Key features of the application

  • Availability on mobile devices
    with operating systems Android and iOS.
  • It fully replaces all available functionalities
    at the ticket machine.
  • Possibility to individually set the range of the application for a given facility
  • Available in three language versions (Polish, English, Ukrainian) with the possibility of extension
    for more languages.
  • View the status of the queue to which the electronic ticket has been downloaded (number of waiting people).

How it’s working?


  • In the mobile application, the customer selects the facility that interests him and the category of the case.
  • There is information on the downloaded ticket
    o the number of people waiting and (optional) about the approximate waiting time.
  • The number of the downloaded electronic ticket remains saved
    in the app.


      • The customer is waiting for the call
        in any place you choose
        near the facility, e.g. in the parking lot.
      • You can view the queue status for a selected case at any time (in the application or via the website).

        CALL FOR A JOB

        • The invitation to the stand is made by displaying a notification on the mobile device.
        • Additionally, the downloaded electronic ticket is requested
          in a traditional way (collective display, workplace displays, voice announcement).

          Stages of downloading the ticket in the application


          The customer selects the facility in the application menu. If there is more than one facility in the area, a selection list will appear.


          The customer selects the queue or operation that interests him, or confirms the previously arranged internet visit. The way of presentation and the choice of services in the mobile application is the same as in the case of a traditional ticket machine.


          After selecting a specific operation, the Customer receives information about the currently serviced ticket number, the number of people waiting and, optionally, the approximate time of the call. The client gets the ticket.


          After collecting the ticket, the Customer waits for an invitation to the stand in a convenient place. Receives a notification on a mobile device that a given ticket number has been invited to the service desk.

          Managing the QMS application. Everywhere


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