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Online booking is a functionality that ensures the comfort and safety of people served. It limits the time your customers stay at the service point to the necessary minimum. It can be integrated with already functioning systems or run as an additional option of our oil systems. Regardless of the chosen solution, you will receive tools for website management, as well as professional support in the field of introduced modifications.


Advantages of online booking

  • It can be run on our server or we can optionally use the infrastructure of your company (the condition is to provide a virtual machine).
  • User-friendly QMS.Webadmin application for managing the booking system.
  • Flexible scheduling options for making appointments.
  • Support for holidays and days off. Flexible options for setting time horizons for individual types of cases separately. The possibility of canceling visits by both the Customer and the Administrator. Possibility to adjust the collected data depending on the type of the case (document number, telephone number, vehicle VIN).
  • Option to send SMS notifications about an invitation to the service point to the provided mobile phone number.

How it’s working?


  • On a dedicated website, the customer selects the date, time and topic of conversation that interests him.
  • At the e-mail address provided, he receives a booking confirmation, a verification code and a QR code that allows him to add the event to the calendar.
  • He can cancel the reservation or change the date at any time.


    • The customer reports to the service point within the reserved period.
    • He confirms the planned visit on the ticket machine by entering the verification code.
    • Receives a ticket printout with the indicated stand and service time.


      • At the agreed time, the service employee invites the customer to the stand.
      • In the event that for some reason the customer does not report to the position, the call is made again.
      • The service employee has the option of redirecting the ticket to another stand or putting it back by a specified number of people.

        Booking page


        • The website settings are parameterized via the QMS.Webadmin administration panel.
        • In this panel, our client can define: in. cases for which it is possible to arrange visits, schedule, scope of collected data or time horizon.
        • It can place fields on the website that define the type of booking (personal, anonymous or mixed).
        • At any time, he can generate additional dates, enable reservations for new cases or introduce a limit on the number of visits for the same person.


          • It is our client who decides about the final visual appearance of the booking page.
          • The booking site is automatically adapted to the WCAG standard.
          • The customer can define the layout of individual elements, type and size of fonts, and colors.
          • He can add fields identifying the organization (logo, address, contact details).
          • May define fields regarding the acceptance of regulations, GDPR.
          • It has the ability to define the system of collected data (personal reservation, anonymous reservation, mixed reservation).


            • The client has access to data presenting the number of appointments for individual cases on an ongoing basis.
            • It can analyze data from the current day as well as for the following days, in the entire available time horizon.
            • Detailed archival reports can be used to plan work in subsequent periods (workstation load, schedules, service times).


                • The booking sites we provide are subject to cyclical security audits.
                • They are secured with an SSL certificate.
                • They are resistant to DoD and DDoS attacks.
                • Our clients have the option of introducing additional validators and booking limits.
                • They have the ability to monitor the IP numbers of the device
                  from which the reservation was made.

                Sample projects

                • Booking page on QMS server
                • The booking page on the client’s server.
                • Booking page on QMS server.
                • WCAG option enabled.


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